The end of july

  • Harvests

  • Hoverfly

  • Red Tailed Bumble Bee

  • Allotment

Everything is growing in abundance.  The long hot sunny days have enabled many of the vegetables to become ready for harvesting both at the allotment and in the courtyard.  The courtyard is alive with the buzz of visiting bees and hoverflies (and even the occasional dragon fly visiting briefly too!).

In the courtyard the cucumbers have been producing regularly, the Wautoma variety which I’ve grown outdoors produces a pleasant and compact little cucumber, which looks a little spiky in its appearance but has a wonderful juicy and solid texture and taste.  Lettuces have been doing better down at the allotment this month as they are protected a little from the strong sunshine under veggiemesh, whereas the courtyard lettuces are not thriving with the intense heat.

I’m not watering everyday down at the allotment, as the mulch seems to be holding enough moisture in the soil fairly well and doing a good job with keeping the weeds away so far as well.

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