The end of september

  • Harvests

  • Tomatoes

  • Sunflowers

The fine weather continued for spells during the month, and this month included the harvesting of the pink fir apple potatoes. I cut the hulms down a couple of weeks prior to harvesting and managed to choose a good weather weekend to pull them out of the soil.  A few potatoes had holes in or were too near to the surface so had green or black patches on, but overall a good crop that filled a couple of hessian sacks and provided many dinners.  They have a sweet nutty taste, too fiddly for peeling as are rather nobbly in their shape, but went down a treat when roasted or fried especially!  Also the month included harvesting of more tomatoes and cabbages and planting out of black kale for the winter months ahead.

In the courtyard, the young foxgloves were taking hold in their pots.  I’d saved the seed from the summer flowers and have done about 30 pots in all, some to give to friends, and some to replant in the front garden, courtyard and on the allotment.

cabbageMy final cabbage from the allotment was a monster, weighing in at 6lb 9oz after trimming! Before this year, I’d never grown cabbages only grown other items such as purple sprouting broccoli, but after seeing lots of other plot holders growing cabbage down at the allotment, I thought I’d give it a go.  I may well try a few more varieties next year as they seem to thrive on the conditions at the plot.

The sunflowers continue to adorn the allotment.  I’ve really enjoyed the addition of flowers to the plot, and will do many more in the coming years.  This year I did cornflowers, calendula and sunflowers and had hoped for some more, but space and time didn’t allow for that this year. I hope to add borage and cosmos next year, as it’s quite a treat to see the insects enjoying the plot too!  Luckily the plot has a fair few ladybirds  which is really heartening to see.  I’m still hoping for more ladybirds back in the courtyard, and I’ve spotted a couple recently, so they are on their way!

The autumn raspberries often didn’t make it back home, but instead were nibbled whilst visiting the allotment! Very tasty indeed.

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