The end of august

  • Peas and Beans

  • Colour Coordinated

  • Sunflower

  • Leeks

I feel rather lucky in the year that I was able to take on an allotment, that the weather has been exceedingly kind (after last summers drab dreary washout).  This month included harvesting of more salads, bunching onions, courgettes, beans and also some cabbages and leeks (the cabbages and leeks I had hoped would be for winter, but they seem to have grown a little too fast).  At the end of the month, some of the sweetcorn looked ready and took a couple of cobs home to test. The ‘pea and bean’ tower, which contains a meddly of runner beans, french beans and sweet peas all intermingled looks very colourful at present, along with a mix of evening sun sunflowers bobbing in the breeze near the top of the tower and calendula flowers around the base.

In the courtyard, some of the rosa de berne tomatoes are beginning to ‘pink’ up and the potted chilli plants are beginning to bear fruit too. My aubergine plants seem to be stagnating in their growth, just sitting there at the same size and not doing too much at all.  Next year, I plan to grow these in the soil in the allotment.

On the allotment, I’ve noticed that some of my japanese bunching onions have begun to be affected a little by rust.  The onions in the courtyard don’t have this problem, and it could be due to my watering in the early evening or just a general bout of rust on the whole allotment as have noticed others have this on their leeks and onions too.

It’s the time of year, to sit back and enjoy the produce as there isn’t that much else really to do on the plot other than keeping a check on any cheeky weeds sneaking their way in and giving the grass and surrounding paths a quick strim. I can’t deny, I’m itching inside, just a little, for the cooler and damper weather of autumn and the ground to soften once again, as have plans to add some more beds on the plot ready for next year.

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