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  • The end of october

    • New apple tree

    • Bark path

    • Turf mound

    • Basil drying

    • The start of the blight

    • Chutney

    The weather is starting to cool and damper weather is coming more now.  This month has been mostly spent with some much needed care for the shed that I inherited when I took over the plot.  In time it needs moving properly as it isn’t quite square and is on the borders of the plot and needs moving in a little, but is fine for now.  But the shed received a little overhaul with some bracing inside, and some new supports underneath it is now much straighter and nearly level (and not leaning at an angle any longer!).  Also, it received a coat of stain preservative too, along with some replacements on parts of the floor and side timbers too, so hopefully it’ll withstand what winter will bring.

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  • The end of september

    • Harvests

    • Tomatoes

    • Sunflowers

    The fine weather continued for spells during the month, and this month included the harvesting of the pink fir apple potatoes. I cut the hulms down a couple of weeks prior to harvesting and managed to choose a good weather weekend to pull them out of the soil.  A few potatoes had holes in or were too near to the surface so had green or black patches on, but overall a good crop that filled a couple of hessian sacks and provided many dinners.  They have a sweet nutty taste, too fiddly for peeling as are rather nobbly in their shape, but went down a treat when roasted or fried especially!  Also the month included harvesting of more tomatoes and cabbages and planting out of black kale for the winter months ahead.

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  • The end of august

    • Peas and Beans

    • Colour Coordinated

    • Sunflower

    • Leeks

    I feel rather lucky in the year that I was able to take on an allotment, that the weather has been exceedingly kind (after last summers drab dreary washout).  This month included harvesting of more salads, bunching onions, courgettes, beans and also some cabbages and leeks (the cabbages and leeks I had hoped would be for winter, but they seem to have grown a little too fast).  At the end of the month, some of the sweetcorn looked ready and took a couple of cobs home to test. The ‘pea and bean’ tower, which contains a meddly of runner beans, french beans and sweet peas all intermingled looks very colourful at present, along with a mix of evening sun sunflowers bobbing in the breeze near the top of the tower and calendula flowers around the base.
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  • The end of july

    • Harvests

    • Hoverfly

    • Red Tailed Bumble Bee

    • Allotment

    Everything is growing in abundance.  The long hot sunny days have enabled many of the vegetables to become ready for harvesting both at the allotment and in the courtyard.  The courtyard is alive with the buzz of visiting bees and hoverflies (and even the occasional dragon fly visiting briefly too!).

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  • Growing in small spaces

    Nibbly bed in July
    CourtyardThe courtyard garden at the back of the house is in fine fettle currently. There are bees and hoverflies buzzing around and the plants are all healthy and vibrant, along with the small amount of veg growing too in abundance. The courtyard only began it’s journey to a new lease of life just last spring. We’d moved into the house the previous autumn, and I gave myself a challenge of turning it from an area of sterile tarmac into a wildlife friendly courtyard garden. Read more