Badger munch!

  • Badgers like sweetcorn!

  • Salvaged cobs

I had to smile when arrived at the lottie this morning, the sweetcorn patch looked like a bombsite. I knew badgers were munching away on others sweetcorn in the past week or two, and had spotted signs of wanderings/activity around my plot in the past, but obviously last night was his/her fine night of dining on my crop. I’d harvested some cobs at the weekend which were very tasty indeed, so at least badger has good taste!

I’ve now cleared the remaining sweetcorn mess, and harvested as many cobs as possible, but did leave a pile of the remaining half eaten ones and another for him/her to finish off this evening near to the compost pile.

Not too dismayed about it tho, as they have in all fairly positive, pest control role on an allotment. (for example they eat slugs and many other insects, help control mice, rats and rabbits by sniffing out the nursery burrows and then consuming their young and also help to clear away old windfalls which might attract these other pests in the first place.)

So, in a way their dinner last night was a little treat for their good work so far. And if I hadn’t gone up today to inspect and water, well, I’d probably have no sweetcorn left at all as once they get the scent of scrummy ripening corn, they will keep coming back and I now have a nice pile of cobs for us to munch on over the coming days ahead.
I may well fence the plot or at very least protect the vulnerable crops for next year though!

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