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    • Leeks and parsnips

    During November I didn’t manage to get to the plot much at all. With a combination of a busy season of work and unhelpful timing of weekend wet weather the plot sadly lacked much attention at all, except for quick visits to grab some veg to take home to cook, and other times were spent visiting a nearby farm to pick up sacks of manure for mulching on the veggie beds.

    I begun to de-turf and dig out the other side length of the plot, in readiness for moving my raspberry bed over to allow space for a new veggie bed to enable a 5 bed rotation.  I really like leeks and onions and root vegetables and having them squeezed into one small bed this year was quite a challenge. So next year, they’ll all have some more space.  For the moment, where the new bed will be going I’ve covered the area with membrane to help start to break down or at least slow down the grass growth in that area until I can tend to it properly.  I’d ordered some onion sets and garlic from Otter Farm and planted these in modules and popped them onto the rack in the courtyard until their new bed is ready to transplanting later in the winter.  They all seem to be growing rather well, and hope they can stay contained and contented until transplanting.

    Just before Christmas Day, I popped to the plot to harvest some leeks and parsnips for use over Christmas (the leeks ended up being used in a scrummy Roquefort and Leek tart and the parsnips roasted – yum!)

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