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  • The end of october

    • New apple tree

    • Bark path

    • Turf mound

    • Basil drying

    • The start of the blight

    • Chutney

    The weather is starting to cool and damper weather is coming more now.  This month has been mostly spent with some much needed care for the shed that I inherited when I took over the plot.  In time it needs moving properly as it isn’t quite square and is on the borders of the plot and needs moving in a little, but is fine for now.  But the shed received a little overhaul with some bracing inside, and some new supports underneath it is now much straighter and nearly level (and not leaning at an angle any longer!).  Also, it received a coat of stain preservative too, along with some replacements on parts of the floor and side timbers too, so hopefully it’ll withstand what winter will bring.

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