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    The spring courtyard garden is alive with the buzzing and humming of bees and hoverflies.  I recently noticed a distinctive buzz and to my delight, discovered a ‘new to me’ bee. (you can listen to the audio of the bee at the end of this post) I’d probably seen them before, but never really noticed this one.  A couple of weeks ago, I first noticed a little black bee buzzing around busily on the rosemary bush in the courtyard. I’d just been admiring the hoverflies and trying to follow another little flurrying friend which looked like the first bee-fly of the season before being distracted by this little black bee.  It was quite unusual, very spritely and fast, very busy indeed and looked like it’s long proboscis was permenantly extended out too.  I watched the darting patterns of where she flew, and to my surprise, she ventured towards a hole on the outside wall and in she went.

    I was entranced by this little bee, so had to find out a little more.  Whilst trying to identify the bee, I came across a blog post with the most wonderful illustrations of the male and female of this bee over on the Courtyard Gardeners blog and discovered that my little bee that I’d spotted was a female hairy-footed flower bee (Anthophora Plumipes).
    I’ve left the leftovers of the purple sprouting broccoli and the kale to flower in the courtyard to be able to provide a spring nectar source for the visiting pollinators and it’s been a buzz with lots of different species of bees and hoverflies, and this bee seems to quite enjoy them too.

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