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    By the end of April, spring had finally begun to make it’s mark.  Days filled with warm and bright sunshine brought the courtyard garden to life for a new season ahead.  Every time I ventured out in to the yard the plants seemed to have grown just a little more each time.  Harvesting of leeks continued from the raised bed and a couple of parsnips still remain.  The purple sprouting broccoli which has been a delight to grow and eat, even in such a small space has now been left to flower so it now provides a vital early spring food source for the pollinators which are busily buzzing around all plants in the yard but especially enjoying the purple broccoli most. The garden is a buzz of a mix of species of bees and hoverflies.  The minarette apple and pear trees are in blossom too which is a sign that spring is definately with us once again.
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