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  • All done with the digging!

    Beds dug and mulchedSince getting to the halfway point earlier in May, I’ve been popping across to the allotment as much as time will allow and doing more digging and clearing. The weather (thankfully!) has been good, a little too hot at times, and intermingled with occassional rainfall. Finally, after much mopping of a sweaty brow and achey shoulder and back, the final digging and clearing of the beds is complete. The final two beds have now been mulched and are all ready for planting up soon. All the cow manure which has rotted well has been used on the beds too. The first two beds mulched and completed a few short weeks ago, have held the moisture in well. There are a few little weeds popping up on the beds, mainly Fat Hen, but these are very easy to pull out of the mulch when at the second leaves stage. Before planting up, I’ll do a quick weed, then give it a gently hoe in places to break up the larger clumps of manure.

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