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  • Learning to cultivate mushrooms

    mushroom logToday my youngest son Oli and I spent the day up at School Farm in Dartington learning how to cultivate mushrooms with Adam and Eric of Fungi Futures on their popular Home Grower course.

    The day began with Adam showing us around their growing set up, with a peek into their inoculation room and some of the containers where they evolve the spores. We were then given an introduction to the day outlining what we’d be doing during the event, as well as gaining a deeper understanding all about mushrooms from how they live through to how to cultivate and how to produce, as well as the attendees of the day sharing our motivations for attending the course. I confessed that I wasn’t originally a big fan of the taste of mushrooms but learning to like them much more now, with thanks to being inspired from testing out one of their Grow Kits recently, and that all mushrooms don’t taste the same! There were six of us altogether, all with different interests in growing mushrooms, including Nigel who is a hobby beekeeper and lives in the New Forest, Alison and Paul both from the New Forest too, who enjoy foraging for mushrooms, and Kieron from Bristol who makes wooden planters in his spare time, along with Oli and I.

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