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    • No dig beds

    After what felt like a long time clearing the space for the new no dig beds on the allotment, I’m pleased (and so is my back!) that two of the beds are now fully made. My main veg ‘patch’ consists of one big rectangle, and within will contain four 8ft by 4ft beds, with 1ft paths around the edge and 2ft paths across the middle cross sections.
    Ideally this preparation would have been completed during autumn or winter or at latest early spring, but alas, I only got the allotment in February, and progress was rather slow initially due to the weather. But with the recent spell of bright and sunny weather, it enabled me to speed up the process more. The full area is now cleared of turf, and (hopefully!) most of the dock, dandelion and creeping buttercup dug out and masses of stone and rubble are now removed too. Much of the area had to be double dug, something of which I’m not planning to repeat in the future, as aiming to explore Charles Dowdings’ approach with No Dig growing for the vegetable beds.

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