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  • The end of april

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    • Buzzy bee

    By the end of April, spring had finally begun to make it’s mark.  Days filled with warm and bright sunshine brought the courtyard garden to life for a new season ahead.  Every time I ventured out in to the yard the plants seemed to have grown just a little more each time.  Harvesting of leeks continued from the raised bed and a couple of parsnips still remain.  The purple sprouting broccoli which has been a delight to grow and eat, even in such a small space has now been left to flower so it now provides a vital early spring food source for the pollinators which are busily buzzing around all plants in the yard but especially enjoying the purple broccoli most. The garden is a buzz of a mix of species of bees and hoverflies.  The minarette apple and pear trees are in blossom too which is a sign that spring is definately with us once again.
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  • New beginnings

    With thanks to the rain descending over the weekend putting on hold any plans to get to the allotment, I decided to pot on my tomato seedlings.  All germintated rather well, and had sown mostly ‘Rosa de Berne’ salad tomato (from Real Seed) and some Moneymaker toms too.  They now occupy a shelf in the dining room and also fill up the rack shelf by the kitchen window.  The light seems to be okay, although often I’m having to keep turning the trays around to prevent the seedlings from leaning over too far towards the light.

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  • Nearly half way

    the plotEaster weekend, and a gap in the weather and trips out with the kids to enable an excursion to the allotment. Progress is being made on the main vegetable bed area. Nearly half way on clearing the grass and those dastardly weeds being dug out! Ideally I was hoping to get the whole area cleared in one sweep before digging over, then mulching the beds with manure and paths surrounding the beds with compost, but realising that I’ll get the first two beds done first, then clear the next two.
    Can I get it all done in time to plant out?