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  • The end of march

    • Purple Sprouting Broccoli

    • Daffodil waiting to bloom

    • Seedlings galore

    • Cucumber seedlings

    Well, much of March was bitterly cold with spells of heavy rain.  In the courtyard garden, the spring bulbs seemed to be awaiting for some warmer weather before they bloomed.  But inklings of a forthcoming spring did eek their way out a little, with new growth emerging slowly but surely in the main beds.

    In the raised veggie bed in the courtyard, the purple sprouting broccoli just keeps on growing, with 5 plants standing proud, (and already harvested a little already for a stir fry. Yum!), with just a few leeks, and a couple of parnsips remaining in the soil too.
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  • The fruit bed

    • Bed making

    • Dastardly dock

    • Blackcurrant

    On Saturday morning after marking out the new beds plan for the four year rotation and fruit bed on the allotment with canes and string; the work begun on clearing out the strip for the fruit bed.  Digging out those dastardly docks came first, then taking up the turf layer (piling that to one side of the plot for now, will be using the excess to level out areas and then cover the rest over to turn into compost).  The soil in parts was fairly compacted and riddled with stones of which many needed removing, so the new bed received a gentle dig through too.  Finally late on Sunday, I was able to plant out a blackcurrant and a row of autumn raspberries (Autumn bliss) and give the new bed a light mulch with a mix of cow manure and compost.

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