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  • The end of february

    • Purple Head

    • Hellibore

    • Curly Kale

    The weather is still rather cold, but dry. In between plotting out the new allotment and the crops I plan to grow, I spotted that in the back garden the heads of the purple sprouting broccoli are starting to come through.  There is still some Kale growing, although am tending to use it a little more like ‘cut and come again’ taking off just what is needed and when for a dinner and there are still a few leeks and parsnips growing too. The blue tits have begun to join the other visiting birds in the courtyard regularly too, which brings in flurries and dabbles of colour as they fly in and out to nibble on the peanut feeder and sunflower seeds.  In the front garden the Hellibore (Helleborous orientalis ‘White Lady’), I planted last spring, has been a wonderful performer, not much leaf presently, but with a mass of wonderful delicate white flower heads in abundance whilst many of the other plants are still in their winter slumber.
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  • First hoverflies of the year

    • Hoverfly

    • Hoverfly

      Spring sunshine

    • Just landed!

    A wonderful sunny spring like morning.  Whilst out in the courtyard garden, I noticed my first sightings of hoverfly this year on the crocus flowers.  Lovely to see them out and about and so early too.

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  • The new allotment

    View of the new plotSaturday afternoon.  Whilst out in the back garden laying some pea gravel to get another stage of the courtyard on it’s way to completion, the phone rang.  I’d been offered an allotment! It all happened so soon, as had only recently added myself to the list a short while ago, and hadn’t expected a plot to be available until at least autumn or winter of this year.

    Although still busy with completing my backyard courtyard project, I couldn’t miss the opportunity.  So, early on Sunday morning, ventured down to the allotments to meet the with Jackie, the Allotment Society Secretary.

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